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Anthology Wallpapers

Anthology Wallpapers from The Ivory Tower - fabric and wallpaper

 They are a range of textural urban designs and tarnished industrial  shapes, infused with metallic tones of copper, quartz and azurite.  Distressed wood, deconstructed  metals, rust and oxidized patinas 

Industrial Wallpapers

Industrial wallpaper

This wallpaper is still going strong and will be for quite some time, you can choose from wood, tin, bricks, metal, tiles, cork and crates. With a soft space you can bring balance with these harder looks

Geometric Wallpaper

Geometric wallpaper from fabricwallpaperaustralia.com.au

Geometric wallpapers are  simple repeating patterns usually symmetrical and are perfect to add tranquility and calm to busy family homes. They come in many styles and finishes

Romantics Wallpaper

Dolce Vita Wallpaper from The Ivory Tower - fabric and wallpaper

 One of the latest trends in the New  Romantics - they come in many guises with dark and brooding to florals  with a huge amount of realism, You will find these in wallpapers,  fabrics and murals. 

Grasscloth / linen Wallpaper

Textile Effects Wallpaper sold by  The Ivory Tower - fabric and wallpaper

 Grasscloth / Linen wallpaper is a textured design that adds a layer of  interest to any room. Ever versatile but never boring, plain textured  wallpaper compliments any interior theme. 

Luxury Wallpapers

Anthology 5 at The Ivory Tower - fabric and wallpaper shop Luxury wallpapers at their best

Luxury Wallpapers -   beautifully tactile and versatile designs with a distinctly  cosmopolitan, global appeal,   introduces a richer palette of on-trend colours.